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About The Client.

A leading Insurance Provider.

The Requirement.

The Client’s goal was to create a secure platform/engine to service some of the largest banks within North America in increasing their ability to determine the customer credit worthiness. This platform would essentially allow the banks to verify the financial standing with other financial institutions of any new customers they intake and their existing customers. This required sophisticated technical infrastructure, architecture and a transactional build out of the platform capable of handling not only large volumes of data but to also be able to scale to other areas of security and fraud detection.

Solutions We Offered.

  • Cluster Build-out – AWS cluster build out with Cloudera Hadoop and a 40 node cluster.

  • Data Ingestion & Transformation – Intake of all customers data from the banks and transformation to normalized data set.

  • Entity Resolution & Scoring – framework for Entity Resolution, algorithm to identify and an algorithm to assign scores to individual customers.

The Result.

Was able to successfully deploy this platform/engine to production to service a large number of banks for validating and scoring new customers to the bank.