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About The Client.

The client is a provider of data analytic solutions to major retail chains and were facing major issues with their current analytics system in terms of performance and time to market for their clients. The ability of their client’s in their decision making process based on the analysis was hampered due to the response times.

The Requirement.

The objective presented was to provide a more state of the art infrastructure and refactor of their existing analysis platform to increase performance and their ability to scale & be able to handle larger volumes of data.

Solutions We Offered.

  • Cluster Build-out – AWS cluster build out with HDFS, Impala and Tableau for data visualization

  • Data Model Transformation – Transformed the data model from normalized SQL server tables to no SQL Impala

  • Queries Development – Refactored all the queries to serve data to the visualization tool

The Result.

The client was able to observe significant time reduction in transforming data from sources to the Hadoop cluster and also attained the ability to query data in real time and significant performance in statement lengths and query times. Their Infrastructure has also been enabled for any further scaling needs in the future