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About The Client.

A leading Insurance Provider.

The Challenge.

  • Millions of customer facing documents and their duplicates being stored in cold storage

  • Inability to electronically and efficiently search for these documents

  • Inability to make smart policy change recommendations to customers based on events

Solutions We Offered.

  • An Ingestion platform that directly saves the client’s documents from their printing system.

  • A rich web based portals that cater to both internal and external audiences.

  • A web-service layer that has functions to do document retrieval, employee operations & document purge operations.

  • An advanced search engine that provides extremely fast search capabilities.

  • An Analytic Module to provide recommendations for policy changes to customers.

The Results.

  • High volume and optimal performing e-Archiving and retrieval/search system for operational ease

  • A state of the art recommendation engine that makes suitable and appropriate changes to customer existing policies