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About The Client

A leading University with 3500+ students which is known all across India approached Ataloud Technologies

The Requirement

  • To be able to identify students who are at risk of not finishing their courses.

  • Provide single sign on capabilities for college staff to monitor students 

  • Identify risks and alert staff to take preventive actions

Solutions We Offered

  • Aggregation of all student data from the different Student Information Systems.

  • A state-of-the-art framework named “Lighthouse” which include models to predict student behavior.

  • Timely information through intuitive reports to faculty for intervention

  • Refactor able models that learn based on changing patterns and parameter weightage.

The Benefits.

  • Delivered Big Data product that calculates risky behavior by students and provide analytics.

  • Provided monitoring tools on the cluster / Logging off insufficient information for customer enquiries