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Updated: May 10

The future is Cloud Computing and the future is now..!

Modern technology has revolutionized the way we live and perceive our lives. It is making life easier for people and the work they do each day. Computers are extremely faster, higher-powered and more portable than ever before. With such advancements in technology and changes in lifestyle, people have embraced the digital world and its evolution.

For the past few centuries, a storm of ideas has taken over the world and transitioned the way things are done. It has affected the culture, values, experience and the way a work is done. Businesses have adopted different technologies to give their customers the best experience, quick analysis of problems & provide effective solutions in the market.

Startups are the key to digital transformation!! They are highly growth fueled entities that are agile, focused on solving problems, operating under extreme uncertainty and provide solutions of different scales and dimensions. Every startup with access to the right technology and expertise can have innovative solutions and a massive economic growth impact. Cloud computing is the right technology for startups and here's why ?

Cloud computing is a solution to reduce risk and cost, instantly scale and operate efficiently even with a small team. You can build faster with industry-leading containers, get insights faster with real time analytics and extract more value from the available data, accelerate the workflow and optimize expenditures with cost management tools. Startups can increase their creativity and innovation with machine learning, simplify deployment of applications with a server less architecture.

Here are seven reasons why your startup should adopt cloud technology:

The Cloud allows startups to use a pay-per-use pricing model where you only buy resources you currently need to satisfy your customers saving time and a significant amount of money.

The Cloud improves security by averting cyber attacks and also provides extra layer of security for their data by giving custom settings to the users.

The Cloud enables startups and their representatives to access data from any device, anywhere and anytime. It is possible to outsource and share information with employees, partners, remote workers and freelancers fostering a healthy engagement.

The Cloud provides a single location storage and access of data to the employees improving the quality control and regular reporting with ability to track undesired data updates.

The Cloud offers instant backups of data which can avoid revenue loss, low-performance and loss of valuable data.

The Cloud offers multiple environments like Hybrid, Private and Public cloud infrastructure to handle the sensitive data on-premise and distribute to third parties and stay compliant.

The Applications stored and processed on the cloud have the advantage of getting constant updates minimizing the need for IT personnel.

In summarizing, cloud computing technology is making a significant change in all industries attracting global businesses. The benefits of the cloud range from enhanced security, reduced cost, quality maintenance, accessibility and instant backups.

The future is cloud computing and the future is now! Cloud computing unveils new possibilities for startups to take steps to move their workloads to the cloud, scale their reach and have sustainable growth.

Ataloud has dedicated experts to provide solutions and help you move to the cloud platform smooth and safe keeping your business goals in mind.

- Stephenson John (Cloud Sales Specialist at Ataloud Technologies)

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