How Cloud Technology & Managed Service Providers Help Scaling New Business Heights

Updated: May 10

It's 2022. There's no stopping on how technology and markets and constantly evolving. Read more on how the cloud is relevant in this modern day and age.

While large enterprises may have good amount of resources to manage their IT infrastructure, it is the SMB/SME sector which struggles to set the right balance between their core business and managing their IT infrastructure. This is the sector that relies heavily on the latest technology to sustain as well as grow their business.

The introduction of Cloud Technology has reduced the burden of managing the IT infrastructure to a large extent. However, there are many organizations which are still not able to take advantage of cloud offerings due to,

◎ Lack of knowledge about cloud computing

◎ Lack of expert in-house resources

◎ Understanding the business model

◎ Lack of knowledge to implement cloud technology

◎ Trust in cloud services

◎ Inability to calculate profits

◎ Migrating existing applications

◎ Choosing the right cloud provider/service

This is where Managed Service Provides like Ataloud Technologies help organizations right from choosing the right service to migrate the infrastructure & modernize the applications. The journey doesn't end hear, MSPs have all the required tools and the expertise to monitor the infrastructure, enabling them to identify and eliminate any issues before they arises. Thus, extending proactive support.

Below are some of the benefits of Cloud Technology along with the support of Managed Service Providers:

Allowing you to Focus on your Core Business

Predictable & Scalable Spending (OPEX)

Scale Up or Down as Needed

Data Security

Data Back-Ups

Disaster Recovery

Reduced Downtime

Business Continuity

Faster Response Time

Proactive Monitoring & Issue Fixing

Stay up with the latest technology

Data Compliance Support

Cyber Security Support

Single Point of Contact for all Infrastructure needs

The cloud is a complete buffet of services and based on technical requirements, size of the business, and budget, organizations can choose the appropriate options. Organizations across the globe have benefited from the cloud in terms of saving costs, enhancing business operations, etc.

Further coupled with the support from MSPs, Small and Medium Businesses are able to get the same quality of equipment, level of experience, and support as larger corporations.

Cloud Technology + Support from MSP = Scaling and Securing Business

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