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We are a team of multi-skilled and curious people who are always up for a challenge and learning as fast as digital is changing.



I believe that it is easier to be successful when you are happy than to live believing that success will make you happy. This is one of the core principles on which Ataloud was built. We’re a people centric company. We love our teams and everyday we strive to create an environment that makes our team members happy.

We’re on a journey of redefining what contemporary workplace culture looks like by holding on to our core values- Humility, Trust, Passion, Excellence, Integrity and Joy. Needless to say, apart from people, we’re passionate about technology too! At Ataloud, we strongly believe in the power that technology has to impact the world we live in. In todays digital age, we identify ourselves as a digital solutions company that help turns ideas into outcomes that can bring people and technology together.

Kyle Pinto

Chief Executive Officer



Ataloud, a Lauren Information Technologies Private Limited company; is a digital native company focused on bringing innovation to the digital world while providing the best possible customer experience.

At Ataloud, we are driven by our desire to improve quality of life, redefine workplace culture and delight our customers. We are passionate about digital transformation and help our customers plan and execute digital strategies while working with the best employees and alongside some amazing partners.

We believe that we can make the world a better place by leveraging the power of technology. Cloud, AI, and Data are at the core of our what we do, and we constantly strive to raise the bar through innovation and our “think bigger” mindset.



To be a leader in global digital transformation and advanced technology enabled services by leveraging the power of cutting-edge digital technologies, automation, and continuous innovation.



Drive technology excellence that helps businesses to create new values through Digitization, Optimisation and Transformation.

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Kyle Pinto

Chief Executive Officer

Israel Thomas

Chief Business Officer

Josh Vedam

Chief Technology Officer

Kirk Pinto

Chief Operating Officer



Our core values unite our team in what we stand for as we fulfil our mission








Operating Principles

Operating principles translate values & beliefs into concrete actions. They describe how our team members interact with each other & strive to serve our customers everyday.

Customer Focus

We start with the customer & work backwards.

Credibility Matters

We strive to win by establishing credibility, relationship & trust.


We never say 'that's not my job'. We get the job done.

Learn Continously

We're always curious, always exploring & always learning.

Think Bigger

We strive to push the limits by thinking bigger.

Good is the Enemy of Great

We don't settle for 'good job'. We're pursuing greatness.

Let’s Start Something Great!

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